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The day includes a walking tour of the Piazza della Signoria, the Duomo and Santa Croce, and a chance to shop for leather, gold and silver. In your free time maybe visit one of the city’s many museums or galleries and this evening enjoy the colorful Florentine nightlife

Tuscan Evening

A beautiful setting in the Tuscan hills is the venue for our traditional Tuscan evening. Enjoy a selection of antipasta, delicious freshly made pasta, a wonderfully aromatic main course and dessert – all washed down with some local Chianti wine. A truly special evening.

Florence is really small and you can cover alot of ground in a small amount of time. Went on a walking tour with Nico and we walked all around Florence in an hour. We went to Ponte Vecchio where every shop was a gold shop. Went inside Il Dumo, Santa Croce, Lorenzo Markets. The line to the "real David" was too long at the Academia but I was content to see the replica in the square and another replica was there where we got the souvenir photo taken.

For lunch, Alma, Marie, Kelsey, Suzanne and I discovered a cute little place, where we had a pizza the size of the plate, a drink and panna cotta for 10 Euro which was the best deal. I had proscuitto, mozarella and tomato. Later on, I had gelato "Straticella"

At the Tuscan Evening, we had antipasta, salad, pasta and lasagna.  We had a guy sing opera during the evening.  Afterwards, we danced the Macarena again.

Space Electronic Disco

A chance to dance the night away at Florence’s largest night-spot. Your first drink is included in the price and will get you started for an evening of fun. Enjoy the great music and maybe take the opportunity to show off your karaoke skill.

On the bus ride, Ryan started clubbing music and we all started dancing which made it a coach party atmosphere. Drew even crowd surfed on the bus! This was a really fun evening, and it made me realize that I *do* enjoy clubbing. At the karaoke level in the beginning of the evening, Ryan performed with another tour manager, "Summer Lovin" from the Grease soundtrack. Then we moved to another level where we danced the night away.  The most random thing that happened was I saw Chris from Faculty of Business there. We hadn't talked to each other since graduating in 2005, except on facebook and out of all the places we bump into each other, Florence. He was also there with another Contiki group.


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