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All roads lead to Rome where our included sightseeing tour is the perfect introduction to the Eternal City. Do as the Romans do and stroll past the Trevi Fountain, the amazing Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Take the time to discover Roman cuisine in a trattoria for a delicious meal with some local wine before relaxing for the evening at the palatial Hotel Cabala, one of Contiki's Feature Hotels.

Ryan and Pete decided to make an unexpected stop at Assisi instead of stopping at the random service station and it was a cute little town.  Had a slice of pizza with proscuitto and mushroom and chocolate gelato.

The Trevi Fountain was so beautiful and I made a wish there.  You throw in two coins, one for that you will return to Rome. Ryan took us to see the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

For dinner, it was a "walkabout dinner ". Ben, Wei, Lisa, Megan and I  went to Ristorane Bocco where it was 11 Euros we had bruschetta, salad and a main which I ordered gnocchi primavera.  For dessert, we had panna cotta drizzled with raspberry, chocolate and caramel.  Afterwards, we had a gelato eating competition, where people had to buy lemon flavored gelato and down it as fast as possible. Adriano won and created a new record of 29s. It was hilarious watching the guys and one girl trying to down it as fast as possible because the combination of sourness of lemon and brain freeze.

Helio Cabala Hotel
Via Spinabella 13/15

The hotel was very beautiful.  I was very lucky and got to be in upper part of the hotel, instead of the separate "hotel" part which supposedly had geckos when we arrived there. However, the hotel was one hour away from Rome and it was in the middle of nowhere. There were no street lights and a long windy road leading to the hotel. Check in was a gong show, they acted like it was the first time they checked in a large group of people. Furthermore, they were 6 people that were going to stay in the upper part of the hotel (which included me). However, the hotel said we had to roll down the lugguage to the separate part of the hotel (where the majority of people were staying).  Ryan was trying to stop this because he requested to see the room list to determine which people needed to go where. We rolled our lugguage down, only to have a van bring it up to the upper part of the hotel. Le sigh. This was the first time I saw Ryan get annoyed which I thought was amusing because he's such an easygoing guy. Overall, one of the best hotels that were on the trip.


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