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Contiki European Panorama - Day 15: Corfu

Spend your days on this fabulous Greek Island relaxing beside the hotel pool, working on your tan or cruising along the coast on a traditional Greek boat. At night an opportunity to visit a local taverna, try some Greek specialities and maybe dance to the sound of Zorba!

Woke up at 5:10 to a wake up call on the ferry docking in Corfu.  By the time we had arrived to the hotel, the rooms weren't ready so all of us napped in the main room on the second level.  Then had a delicious hot breakfast with sausages.  Went into town and meandered and Ryan showed us cricket where we used the water bottles as bats. There was a gyro eating contest, where Brent ate 6 gyros in an hour. Tonight, went to a toga party with another Contiki group and it was really fun and Ryan wore the most ridiculous head dress ever.

Divani Corfu Place
Nice hotel with pool and balcony. I found it interesting that they offered ashtrays in the room. In Greece, you can't flush the toilet paper, so you must throw it in the trash because of their poor plumbing system. What I found annoying was to pay for bottled water when the tap water in Greece was undrinkable. At dinner, its 3 Euro to buy bottled water.

Another tip that is helpful from Italy onwards is to buy a six pack of bottled water in supermarkets because it's cheaper.  I did not do that because I hated carrying more stuff. Most couples always had the boy to carry the water. I would often buy 1.5L of water and drink over the course of a couple of days. It's helpful from Italy onwards because Florence, Rome and Venice were hot and drinking water really helped.


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