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Contiki European Panorama - Day 17: Corfu

Car Hire

Why not hire a car and explore this beautiful island and it’s beaches? Drive along the coastline, or head inland and discover mountain villages along the way. A day cruising around Corfu will definitely be one of the highlights of your time in Greece.

Rented a car with Becca, Matty and Kirsty. Matty drove us to the Greek beaches while navigating crazy one way streets and other Greek drivers. It was really crazy.  We drove to the first beach which was Paleokastritsa.  Another group did the car hire, Alma, Jeremy, Rob, Marie and Jarood and ended up at the same beach.  We had lunch at a restaurant called "Smurfs" and I ordered a burger with bacon.  However, what arrived was a hamburger pattie with ham on it. Guess some things just don't translate.  The first beach was really pebbly and we went to Glydas after all the people that didn't rent a car took a bus from the hotel to the beach.  Glydlas was bit more secluded and quiet.  There was guy selling drinks and donuts on the beach and I had the best donut there, it was so fresh. It was well worth it to go to those beaches.

Dinner and Greek Dancing

Taverna, Retsina and Zorba – it’ll certainly be all Greek to you by the end of the evening. Try tasty local specialities such as taramasalata, tzatziki and roast lamb on the spit. Enjoy a colourful and lively folklore show during which you’re bound to learn a few Greek steps – all to the sound of bouzouki!

Another filling meal, we had lots of cheese to begin with and potatos.  I sat w/ Robin, Jess, Millie, Maddie, Dan W. By the time the roast lamb arrived, I barely touched it. We did Greek dancing, and it was how I imagine what a Greek wedding would be like. There was the potato dance, where you put a potato between the partners head and have to do various things like lying down on your side, all with a potato between your heads. Very entertaining to watch. Kia and Jade won, as did Ryan and Kylee.


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