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Contiki European Panorama - Day 20: Venice

A short boat ride takes us into the historical centre of Venice to see St Mark's Square, the Bridge of Sighs and the Doges' Palace. Ample time to wander the bustling streets, see the skill required to create local crafts such as Venetian glass and fine lace and visit one of the many amazing museums. Why not treat yourself to a gondola ride and evening meal with your fellow travellers as a perfect end to your Venetian experience?

Gondola Ride
No trip to Venice is complete without a ride on the canals in a world-famous gondola. Take in the sights, savour every minute and treasure this truly memorable Venetian experience

Venetian Restaurant
Our chosen venue guarantees a warm and friendly welcome in true Venetian fashion. You’ll enjoy a superb selection of local specialities and some local wine, making it an unforgettable evening in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

We took the crowded and hot train into Venice, and from there the equivalent of a coach on water.  Ryan showed us St. Mark's Square, the Bridge of Sighs and the Doges' Palace.

Went on a gondola ride which was really fun, even though more wobbly than I had imagined. 

The Venetian Restaurant served us four plates of pasta of different variety. We had antipasta first. Then we had plates of penne, then the pesto, then spaghetti carbonera and gnocchi. We also had two scoops of ice cream.  One was vanilla and the other was creamier (egg custard?) However, as a table of four - this was more than enough.  Sat with Marie, Jarrod and Dan C.  If you sat at a table of six, this was not enough - but they served you the same amount of pasta. Tip: Sit at a smaller table.

On the way back, people were really drunk.  At most of the venues of Contiki, you get half a bottle of wine per person.  Maybe it was the combination of being dehydrated throughout the day, but when we took the boat and the train back to the hotel, they were singing songs from "primary school" (Ryan's words). Quite amusing.  It was at this point, that I really admired Ryan for having to deal with drunk people on a regular basis.


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