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We drive through gently rolling countryside, past picture-postcard villages and majestic mountains into the home of Mozart and Strauss for an evening experiencing the classical tastes and sounds of this city.

Had an early service stop before we arrived in Vienna at 10 AM.  The service stop had hot food and Rob and Dan had a full meal of meat and potatoes, whereas I had bacon and eggs for 3.30 Euros. 

Stopped at another service station that Ryan called the Hansel and Gretel service station which was a white building with colorful glass droplets. Ryan played a prank on us and said if you rub the droplets hard enough, they will change color and some people did try it. I believed him, but didn't try it. Ah, I'm so gullible.

Heading into Austria, I was amazed how beautiful the archeitecture was. I didn't know what to expect from Vienna, but was pleasantly surprised.

Dinner and Mozart Concert

Taste the culture of Austria with a truly memorable Mozart and Strauss concert in one of Vienna’s most famous concert halls. The show is peformed by a small orchestra and singers in full costume and is the perfect introduction to this ‘City of Music’. You’ll also enjoy a traditional Viennese meal in a delightful restaurant in the Vienna Town Hall.

The concert was in an intimate concert hall that seated aroung 250 people. It was an elegant setting to hear classical music, opera and see ballet.  During intermission, we had champagne and orange juice in a private room for our tour.  A rep from the concert told us we were standing in the very room where Mozart kissed Empress Maria Therese.  However, the experience later felt inauthentic when we realized the entire audience was from tours judging by how many tour buses were parked outside.  Afterwards, we had a really nice meal in the Vienna Town Hall. We had soup which seemed like it cut up crepes as noodles, a giant schnitzel that was the size of the plate with potatoes, a small salad and a warm cake with pistachio cream with powdered sugar on top.

Austria Trend Hotel Pyramide
Another nice hotel, where there was one PC with free internet access. The weird thing about the room was there was one wall that was mirrored. Bad feng shui. Also, the toilet is a separate room from the shower. It makes sense that one might need the toilet, but not the shower...however, the room with the toilet doesn't have a sink, so you are forced to go to the next room to wash your hands. Also, there was a phone in the bathroom where the shower was.


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