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Spend the day exploring this beautiful lakeside town. See the Lion Monument, walk across the Chapel Bridge and wander the cobbled streets shopping for watches, chocolate and Swiss Army knives. The best way to appreciate the spectacular scenery is on a lake cruise - why not join us on one this afternoon?

Mt. Pilatus

This morning, we went to Mt. Pilatus. Unfortunately, there was no visibility because the mountain was in the clouds and it was cold 1 degree, Celcius.  One of the Aussies had never seen snow, and was excited to see slush on the ground. We went up by cable car which was pretty cool.  We were supposed to go down by a cog train where it goes down at 45 degree angle.  While Ryan did make a reservation for us to leave at 10:10, apparently the bottom of the mountain does not communicate with the top of the mountain and our reservation was not honored.  Ryan was really assertive in trying to get us on that train. This was important that we leave at 10:10 because we had a cruise scheduled at 10:50. So a bunch of Antikis (what Contiki calls old tour groups, hehe) were ahead of us even though we had a reservation.  Ryan, was quick thinking and managed to reschedule the cruise and we were able to make it the Swiss Folklore Lunch. We missed out on the cog train, but oh well and went down in the cable car.

If you’ve ever wanted to try authentic Fondue in Switzerland then this is the perfect opportunity! Enjoy a three-course lunch including cheese Fondue, traditional rösti potatoes and Swiss Bratwurst while listening to the sounds of Alpine horns, yodelling and cow bells. Our chosen venue is a warm Swiss Inn located in the centre of beautiful Lucerne.

We had fondue, the potatos were grated and fried potatos were a bit bland and we had home made veal sausage.   For dessert, we had ice cream with the shape of the Swiss flag on it, like last night on the hotel.  We listened to people play Alpine horns, yodelling, cow bells and saw flag throwing and a guy dancing with a broom. Afterwards, two people dressed up as stuffed cow and it really thrilled the crowd. It was quite hilarious!

Lake Cruise
Cruise on the lake from Lucerne to the cog rail for Mt Pilatus, enjoying the majestic beauty of the wooded mountains and picturesque villages reflecting in the tranquil waters.

In the afternoon, the weather warmed up and Lucene was is really beautiful with it's translucent blue water.  Ryan served us drinks and I had hot chocolate as I'd been craving for it since the hailstorm yesterday.

We saw the Lion Monument and afterwards walked across the Chapel Bridge and saw swans.

Later, dinner at the hotel was really salty.  The soup tasted like Mr Noodle soup base with croutons.  The entree was spaghetti with a salty meat sauce.  For dessert, it was chocolate pudding with whipped cream.


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