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We follow the mighty Rhine River north into Germany. Take in the picturesque Rhine Valley on our included river cruise before learning how beersteins are crafted in the village of St Goar.

The river cruise was really soothing and there was pretty great views. There is a statue called Lorelei which Ryan deemed as the "sexiest statue ever".  The legend had it that Lorelei fell in love with a married man, but the married man ended up staying with his wife so she committed suicide by throwing herself off the rock and to this day she is a siren. To get her revenge, she gets men to crash the boats in the rocks.  Where Lorelei rock is located is the narrowest part of the Rhine, and it was required by law for a local to steer through that area. People bought beer steins and Birkenstocks in St. Goar. 

Tip: Pack what you need in a carry on bag and use that bag alone in St. Goar because the hotel has no elevators.  I was lucky and ended up doing that.  The others had to get their luggage off the coach, get what they needed and our Tour Driver repacked everything after we got what we needed. 

The hotel had *really* creaky beds. My sink was in the middle of the bedroom, adjacent to the bathroom. Weird.  However, another traveller didn't have a bathroom in his room and he had leave his bedroom to use it.  The meal at the hotel was mediocre. The soup was chicken and rice soup. The entree was two random pieces of meat with either egg or rice noodles with a buttery taste. For dessert, it was a chocolate cake with cranberries or cherries dipped into liquer with whipped cream.

There was the wine tasting optional that night, but I did not attend.


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Jun. 4th, 2009 08:36 pm (UTC)
Were Birkenstocks a lot cheaper there?
Jun. 4th, 2009 09:37 pm (UTC)
I would say so, they are 45 Euro. I just didn't buy any because I didn't think it would fit with my "work wardrobe".
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