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Spend your free time wandering along the canals, shopping or visiting famous museums such as the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank's House

This morning, Matty, Becca and I  went to Anne Frank House. I read her diary when I was 12 and you don't think at 26 that you are going to visit her house.  There were quotes from her diary on the walls, and it brought the diary back. There were really interesting video clips from people that knew her, including her father who felt after reading her diary that he didn't know her daughter very well. Got to see the actual diary.

Then went to the Van Gogh Museum and it was really cool to see Starry Night in person.

Voldenham Restaurant

Van den Hogen restaurant is located on the seafront of this quaint fishing village. It provides the perfect setting for a traditional ‘Old Dutch’ style meal and the atmosphere makes it a night to remember.

This was the last night of the trip. I sat beside Jess, Brent, Millie, Maddie, Kylee, Jeremy and Dan W. Dinner was good, We had soup.  The bread was really good because there was garlic butter. For the entree, I had the chicken which was okay. I loved the roasted potatos and fries with sour cream. After dinner, Pete drove us to take a picture by the windmill.

Canal Cruise

A cruise on Amsterdam’s world-famous canals is the perfect way to see this wonderful city. You’ll pass many famous sights including Dutch gabled houses, the Anne Frank house, churches and the Red Light District. The included beer, wine, soft-drinks and snacks will make your evening complete.

It was unlimited drinks, or the "booze cruise" which created a party atmosphere.  I sat with Becca, Matty and Robin initially. Then people started to meander as they got more drunk. After the cruise we went to the Three Sisters Pub, and the next bar was De Krone. I was there until 1AM.  There was another bar, Escape which cost 15 Euro to get in which I did not go in.  Andrea asked me if I wanted to leave, and I figured I should go before I *ready* to go because it's easier to arrange a taxi that way. It cost us 36 Euro and split it between three people.  However, when we discussed at breakfast with some people, the taxi ride ranged from 46 Euro to 51 Euro, leaving from the same place.


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