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Are You Thinking About Leaving the Law?

Having been through law school and completed my year of articling, I have immense respect for lawyers and the practice of law.   This is not a persuasive article on why you should leave the legal profession.  If you've come across this post, this means you're probably experiencing doubts.  If you are thinking of leaving, you will be met with resistance from yourself, your peers and your family.  When you are leaving the profession, these questions will come up and here's my responses.  I do agree that for some people that changing law firms or changing practice groups may help resolve your doubts.  This post is about leaving the profession altogether.

When you don't practice law,  you will be wasting your law school education and you wasted three years of your life.

  • 3 years. 3 years is actually not a long time when you think about it relative to the average age span of 74 years

  • People that ascribe to this assumption, are falling into the economic principle of the "sunk cost" fallacy.  Your past decisions on how you invested your time and money should not guide your future decisions on how you invest your time and money in the future.  The time and money I spent in law school are gone.  The time and money are gone if I choose to practice law.  The time and money are gone if I don't practice law.

  • I got the offer letter from the U of A law school when I was 22.  Do you necessarily stand by all the decisions that you made when you were 22?

  • Education is never a waste.  Law school and articling forces you to learn how to read quickly, synthesize information and independently research.

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