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Cibo and Packrat Louie

This past week has been great for food and friends and I am ever so grateful for that.

This past Tuesday, I went to Cibo with my friend S., a former co-worker who is studying aboard. It was nice to catch up with her in person for two and half hours. My friend had the tagliatelle summer peas, guanciale, peperoncini, aglio e olio, pecorino Romano /19 witout the peperoncini as a vegetarian option. I had gnocchi goat ricotta gnocchi, scapes, wild mushrooms, truffle butter, celery leaf /20. We both agreed the pasta was really fresh and the server advised us that the pasta was made on site. The pasta was so fresh, it reminded that I would have had in France. For dessert, S. and I shared tazza Di Cioccolato – chocolate hazelnut mousse, salted hazelnuts, & Braida marinated cherries /10. It was so good and rich, but not overly chocolatey. It looked so good, that a diner from another table asked us what we were having. It was really packed for a Tuesday night. They also had a raised space in the restaurant which I thought would be great for birthday party for a 8 people. I highly recommend it.

11244 - 104 Ave
780 757 CIBO

Last night, I went to one my high school friend's wedding, N. M., also friends with N. flew in from Vancouver and joined me. The reception and dinner was at Packrat Louie, as it was "their" restaurant. For the reception, they had a selection of canapes, which included alligator tempura. Unfortunately, I was not adventurous enough to try it out. They had bacon wrapped scallops, bison meatballs, chicken cordon bleu. For salads, guests had a choice of Packrat Caeser Salad with double smoked bacon or the Ticinese Salad with blue cheese crumble. I had the Ticinese Salad and the blue cheese was actually subtle. For entrees, guests had a choice of Beef Tenderloin which had roasted garlic mash, vegetable medly, morel mushroom cream; Grilled Chicken Supreme which had tomato spatzle, vegetable medley, grainy mustard cream; or the Seared Chicken Seabass which had procini risotto, vegetable medley, basil sauce verte. I had the Grilled Chicken Supreme, but I was already getting full from the canapes and the salad, that I only finished half of the chicken. I was saving room for dessert ;)

For dessert, guess had a choice of Callebaut Chocolate Brownie, Sticky Toffee Pudding or the Lemon Lime Meringue. As you know, I'm a chocolate person and had the brownie. It was really good, but again I was so full I only had half of the brownie.

At around midnight, guests were served pizza - but I didn't try any as I was *still* full. The cake was cut, and they had large cake pops (way larger than the ones served at Starbucks) which were really cute and delicious. It was a basic vanilla cake, but I really enjoyed the fact that it was only a couple of bites of indulgence.

I would recommend Packrat Louie for holding a special event as the servers were *really* attentive and kept on serving drinks and offering us canapes in the beginning and the pizza at the end of the night.

Congrats to N. and J. to their marriage and thanks for inviting me!

Packrat Louie
10335 - 83 Ave
780 433 0123


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