Mercer Tavern & Roast Coffeehouse and Wine Bar

Went to Mercer Tavern today for lunch. Had the Vegan Spaghetti (13) which was whole wheat pasta or roasted spaghetti squash, fresh herb marinated tofu, roasted red pepper coulis and basil oil. I really liked it because it was a little bit spicy, although it was bit too oily for my taste. Afterwards, grabbed a vanilla hazlenut steamed milk at Roast Coffeehouse and Wine Bar next door.(Although, they are known for their maple bacon latte.)  If I was still in school, I would love to go there to study. Perfect date venue too.

Mercer Tavern
10363-104 ST
(587) 521-1911

Roast Coffeehouse and Wine Bar
10359-104 ST
(587) 521-1563


Full House Reviewed

Apropos of nothing, but I discovered this site Full House Reviewed where the blogger reviews every single episode of Full House in chronological order (with screencaps) with new reviews every Friday. His commentary is sarcastic and made me realize I watched really crappy tv when I was young. It's also quite strange that I remember most of the plot points from the episodes. I also like this blog because I enjoy 90s nostalgia. Check it out.