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there's no place like holts

cocktail in her hand, confetti in her hair
1960s, 30 rock, adam scott, argo, argyle, argyle socks, audrey hepburn, ballet flats, being classy, being cynical, being lucky, being right, being single, being smart, boys with british accents, bradley cooper, breakfast at tiffany's, brett erlich, burberry, cashmere, castle, citizens of humanity, cocktail in her hand, coffee, coke zero, confetti in her hair, cosmopolitan, cruel intentions, daily candy, daniel craig, daydesigner, diane von furstenberg, dior, dynasty, ethan hunt, fallon carrington, fashion, fate, fcuk, flirty glances, french connection, gabriel macht, getting things done, glamour, going to the gym, gossip girl, greek yogurt, happiness, happy endings, himym, holt renfrew, howimetyourmother, hugs, hydrangeas, inception, instyle, jacqueline kennedy, jcrew, joan holloway, john krasinski, john mulaney, jon hamm, kate middleton, kate spade, kate spade saturday, kitchen confidential, laughing, lauren conrad, lauren graham, law school, legally blonde, lsat, lucky, lululemon, luxury, mad men, magazines, marie claire, marry me, matt bomer, messy buns, messy ponytails, missed connections, modern family, nathan fillion, neil patrick harris, no place like holts, oceans eleven, pan am, parks and recreation, party down, peonies, pink, pink and green, post it notes, postsecret, prada, pretty little liars, prince george, productivity, real simple, rock and republic, rotten tomatoes show, ryan reynolds, sam page, sarcasm, saturday morning starbucks runs, saturdays, selena gomez, seven for all mankind, shopping, skinny lattes, skipping classes, sleep, smiling, sprite zero, starbucks, stephen colbert, sterling knight, style, suits, the city, the hangover, the hills, the ides of march, the meaning of lila, the mindy project, the new girl, the o.c., the office, the social network, theory, tom cruise, twoguysagirlandapizzaplace, white collar, witty banter, witty comebacks, witty one liners, working out, you smell like cherries, ,